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  1. What is Soorvey Sustainable Development ?

The website Soorvey is the first really free of charge and performing editor of surveys on the Internet. It has been conceived in collaboration with the Junior Entreprise EPFL, from the famous federal engineering school of Lausanne. The company Soorvey Sustainable Development is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, and has been launched in 2011.

  1. Why Sustainable Development?

First, Soorvey supports sustainable development by offering a free of charge online surveys editor, which allows saving paper and trees.
Second, Soorvey develops partnerships with official organizations active in the fields of the Environment, Health, Fair trade and Human Rights.
Third, Soorvey will develop a program of projects in the field of Sustainable Development by using a part of our users’ donations.
Please take a look on the page PARTNERS for more details.

  1. What are the advantages of online surveys?
    • Save paper: online surveys are much better than paper surveys for the environment
    • Save money: no printed matter and no mailings
    • Save time: respondents code their responses themselves and results are automatically generated
  1. Why should I use old.soorvey.com rather than any another existing program?

First, Soorvey is faster to use and cheaper than any other existing program. There is no software to install. The interface has been conceived to be as practical and ergonomic as possible for the user. The quality of the forms and the charts (RESPONSES) is very high.
Second, Soorvey didn't fix a limit of questions, answers or time as it is usually the case. On Soorvey, the number of questions and answers is unlimited and there is no time limit for your surveys.
Third, Soorvey supports Sustainable Development, which is mainly important for the future of human being and our planet.

  1. Who can use this website?

This website can be used by everybody: private individuals, students, associations and companies

  1. Do I need a special software to use this website?

No, there is no software to install, but you need an up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox or similar browser.

  1. Is it really free?

Yes it is! There is a real FREE version without limit of questions and answers.
To personalize the style of your surveys and your charts, you have to register at the version PREMIUM (paying:please see point 14)

  1. Is it easy to create a survey?

Yes, the program is very easy to use
It allows creating and sending a survey quickly
From beginner to professional, everybody can use it very easily

  1. How do I drive my survey?

This software includes 5 easy STEPS to follow in order to drive a survey:
Step 1: CREATE the form
Step 2: Edit the STYLE
Step 3: TEST your form
Step 4: SEND you form
Step 5: View your RESPONSES numerically and graphically

  1. How do I send my survey?

You have 3 options to send your survey:

    • A link to e-mail or to add onto  a website
    • An e-mail box where you can enter your addresses
    • A connection to more than one hundred and fifty Social Networks
    1. What are the advantages of the version PREMIUM (Paying)?
    • Personalize the STYLE of your survey (24 pre-defined styles or style editor)
    • Insert your own LOGO in place of the “Soorvey” logo. Replace the “Soorvey” logo by your own.
    • Add IMAGES and VIDEOS to your questionnaire
    • Personalize your THANK-YOU FORM (text and style)
    • Access to advanced CHART OPTIONS (3-D), and the chart style editor
    • Add a DIRECT LINK from your website to a survey and back
    • Access to advanced SECURITY OPTIONS for your surveys (Password protection, Spam protection, Limit one entry per user).


  1. Is there a time limit to access my responses?

No, there is no time limit to access your responses

  1. How long are my responses stored?

Your responses remain in your account as long as you don’t delete them

  1. How do I get my responses?

In the section Form Manager, get direct access to your responses, individually or overall

Choose among 3 OPTIONS:

    • View: to see your responses
    • Stats: to get a summary of the stats
    • Charts: to generate graphs and charts          
  1. Is it possible to export my responses to Excel or SPSS?

Yes in the section RESPONSE, choose the option EXPORT. Then you have two options to transfer your responses to another program:

    • .XLS: to export your responses to Excel
    • .CSV: to export your responses to another statistics program such as SPSS  


  1. How can I upgrade my subscription to the version PREMIUM?

First you need to be registered as a FREE member. After you have logged in, go to your account on the top left of the page and access the screen that allows you to upgrade your subscription

  1. How much does it cost to subscribe to the version PREMIUM (advanced style options, add logo, images, videos)?

For US$ 9.00/month or US$ 91.00/year, you get access to the version PREMIUM 

  1. Is my payment secure?

Yes, all payments are guaranteed by PayPal, one of the most secure paying system on the Internet

  1. What happen at the end of the contract of PREMIUM subscription?

When you arrive at the term of your contract of PREMIUM subscription, the advanced options of customization of your forms and graphs (3-D) will be automatically deactivated unless your upgrade your account again. Nevertheless, you will keep a full access to your results.

  1. How do I cancel?

You can cancel your account any time simply by going to your account and choosing the option “Suppress my account”


  1.  How is my confidentiality protected?

Soorvey guarantees the confidentiality of your personal entries. Your data are protected and won’t be transmitted. For more details please read our Terms and Conditions

  1.  How do you protect the confidentiality of my respondents?

Soorvey guarantees the confidentiality of your respondents’ data. They are protected and won’t be transmitted. For more details please read our Terms
and Conditions

  1. Where are my data stored?

Data are stored at Infomaniak, one of the best Switzerland’s web server based in Geneva.
This guarantees the best level of security for your surveys and your data

  1. How can I protect my survey?

By turning on the option Password protection in the section Form properties of the FORM EDITOR, you can protect your survey with a password.
This option is reserved to PREMIUM members

  1. How can I be sure that each respondent will answer only one form?

By turning on the option Limit one entry per user only one form can be filled by your respondent.
This option is reserved to PREMIUM members