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Soorvey - Scope of services



Soorvey supports Sustainable Development in 3 ways:

  • First, by allowing everybody in the world to use this performing software free of charge:
    Surveys are primarily required to solve social problems simply by asking other people questions and by collecting their opinions. Online surveys are ideal for this purpose as their circulation is not only faster and cheaper but also more ecological than paper-based surveys.
    Soorvey offers this service. Your donation will help us to keep this service free of charge and to support Sustainable Development Projects (see point 3).
  • Second, by creating partnerships with official organizations in the fields of ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH, FAIRTRADE, & HUMAN RIGHTS:
    Logos and links of your organization can be added to our page "SPONSORS" in order to give you visibility on the Internet.
    If you are interested in a partnership with Soorvey, please contact us by using the following link:
  • Third, by developing Sustainable Development Projects:
    User donations will be partly used to finance a series of projects in the field of Sustainable Developments, the remainder will be used to develop the free version of the website (see point 1).
    For the complete program see the following link:
    See Soorvey's program