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STEP 4 : Send your forms (3 options)

This page gives you three choices to send your surveys :

  1. By Email (Premium) :
    Send this form to a list of email addresses. Use the mailbox to insert your email addresses. The box provides for 50 emails at one time, so if you have more addresses please repeat this operation as many times as necessary. If you change the text of the automatic email, don’t forget to insert the link with the button above the window in your email.

  2. Direct Link :
    This option allows you to copy and paste a link directly to your survey on your website, or, for example, on a Facebook or Twitter page.

  3. Social Networks :
    Publish your form on a social network. old.soorvey.com is connected to more than 150 social networks. Send your surveys directly on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Delicious and many others… These three options will give you easy access to many respondents, which is probably the most difficult task in a survey.