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STEP 5 : Analyse your responses

To access the responses to your surveys, the part Responses contains 5 options to check or analyse your results :

  1. VIEW :
    this option shows you the responses of your respondents, individually or globally.

  2. STATS :
    this option summarises your results by giving you descriptive statistics and by generating horizontal bar charts automatically.

  3. CHARTS :
    different kinds of charts are available to give you a visual representation of your results (Pie chart, Bar chart). The PREMIUM subscription generates 3D graphs and a selector of colours for your charts

  4. EXPORT :
    two options are offered on old.soorvey.com to export the answers of your forms :

    • Export to Microsoft Excel ® (.xls)
      Your questions and answers are automatically exported to Microsoft Excel or any .xls program
    • Export to other programs (.csv)
      Your questions and answers are automatically exported to SPSS or any .csv program In accordance with old.soorvey.com code of ethics the responses of this free online survey tool belong to you, which means that you can export your answers to other statistical packages and that you can keep them on the website as long as you don’t delete your forms or your account.

  5. NOTIFY :
    On this page you can configure your email notification settings either by being notified each time a person filled in a form, and/or by notifying your users by email each time they filled in a form.

    It can be very practical to get a direct alert by email each time a new form has been completed.