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Soorvey is an easy and fast creator of free online surveys devised in Switzerland. Anybody can create any kind of survey on this program: market survey, satisfaction survey or any other kind of form. The number of questions and answers is unlimited. This free software gives you also the opportunity to export your responses to Excel or SPSS. Your forms are saved until you erase them. Anyone can create a survey easily on old.soorvey.com. It takes 30 seconds and an email address to create your account and start with your first form.

Organisation of the website old.soorvey.com

This free software gives you 9 OPTIONS to ask your questions :
Single choice, Multiple choice, Checkboxes, Rating, Ranking, Drop Down, Matrix, Open-Ended & Formatted (Number, Price, Name, Address, Email, Website)

Follow 5 EASY STEPS to drive your survey (see STEPS for details) :

Step 1) Create: edit your form

Step 2) Style: design the style of the questionnaire and the thank-you form

Step 3) Test: trial your surveys before sending them!

Step 4) Send: choose from 3 options to convey your forms (Email, link to paste on a website etc. or on more than 150 social networks)

Step 5) Responses: check your responses, individually or globally with the possibility to export your answers to other statistical packages (Excel, SPSS)

Once logged on, there are two main parts on this website. The first one called « MY FORMS » is a spreadsheet which contains all your surveys. On this page you can manage your forms, such as changing their status (active or not), copy or delete them.

By clicking on the titles of your surveys, you will enter into the Form manager, which allows you to access the 5 different STEPS of this particular form (Edit, Style, Test, Send, Responses + 3 options : Status, Copy, Delete).

The part Responses (left of the screen) includes five options (View, Stats, Charts, Export, Notify) to check your responses, or export them to Excel or SPSS.